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  • Mother's Day

    For our valid library card holders we have been offering a Craft in a Bag each month. Our Candy Pots were so successful we ran out of supplies...

  • Annual BBQ Dinner

    BBQ season is fast approaching and the library is ready to host their annual BBQ dinner at the gazebo Friday, June 7th from 11:00 to 1:30. Cost $10...

  • Craft in a Bag

    We hope you have been picking up the Craft in a Bag the library has been offering these last few months. We've found that with busy lives this...

  • Library Board Members

    INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING IN YOUR COMMUNITY???? The Village of Mannville Library Board is currently looking for two volunteers to sit on their...

  • Library Teas

    Now that the cold weather has finally, maybe, left us for the next few months, we would like to remind everyone that the Library is still hosting...

  • Movie Day

    Friday, March 22 is PD Day at the school and the library will be showing Ralph Breaks the Internet Friday afternoon at 1:30 pm. This is free for...

  • In Memory

    November 2018 the Mannville Public Library lost long time employee Beth Baranyk. Beth's family made a very generous donation and with that we...

  • Winners!

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in our 2019 Winter Reading Program. This was the library's best year in the past six with our readers...

  • Winter Reading Program

    We just want to let everyone know that if you have not had an opportunity to pick your log sheets for the Winter Reading Program there's no need...

  • Storytime with Mrs. Claus

    Once again our Storytime with Mrs. Claus was a huge success. Special thank you to Mrs. Rutt, Mrs. Tod and Mrs. Deford for bringing their classes...

  • Library Board

    It is with regret that the Village of Mannville Library Board accepted the resignation of Chairperson Natalie Clennett. Natalie volunteered for...

  • Christmas Hours

    Christmas will soon be here and we want everyone to know that the library is closing Friday, Dec. 21 at 5:00 pm and will open for business as usual...

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